Léon AGET SA – Transportation and Services for artwork.

Since 1920, the brothers Léon and Edouard at AGET transportation have acquired extensive experience in packing, transporting and storing fine works of art. Since 1920, they have worked for museums and private individuals nationally as well as abroad.

In 1940, at the beginning of the German occupation, the AGET Brothers were chosen by the Louvre Museum to securely store works of art including The Raft of the Medusa*, as well as The Wedding Feast at Cana, The Sacre of Napoleon, Napoleon Visiting the Plague-Stricken in Jaffa, Napoleon on the Battlefield of Eylau **.

Only twenty years after its foundation, they had already acquired a solid reputation founded on proximity, reactivity and effectiveness.

* Exodus from museums, Paris, Payot- 2007.Michel Rayssac

** Memories of the Exodus from the Louvre, Paris, Somogy 1991.Germain BAZIN

Léon AGET SA – The «artwork» specialist with ISO certified services.

Since December 26, 2006, the «quality» policy at Léon AGET SA is ISO 9001 certified.

Handling installation

Léon AGET SA – The trained «artwork» specialist for Handling.

One of the most delicate stages of our craft

We offer the all types of handling services for small and large size works of art.

Hanging / Removing:

For several decades, we have provided hanging services for large institutions and private individuals, in France and abroad. Our technicians attend regular training sessions to maintain skills and remain up-to-date with new safety standards.

Special handling:

Large sized and heavy pieces of art require special handling and specific procedures. Our technicians ensure preliminary technical visits. This allows them to determine the procedure to be used, from a simple stacker to a hoisting tower with pulleys, slings and heavy-duty straps.

Our material is inspected every 6 months in compliance with European standards.

We do not hesitate to call on the services of an engineering office as well to ask for expert advice from art restorers to ensure that we always use appropriate handling tools.


Léon AGET SA – The «artwork» specialist for packing solutions.

We study, design and produce specific packing for each piece of art.

The best protection adapted to each piece of artwork to ensure total security against risks that are related to artwork transportation and handling.

Our specialized packing consultants advise customers when selecting packing products from our product range, assisted when necessary by art restoration experts.

From a Simple Padded Box to a «Museum quality» container

Additional external anti-vibration skids.

Polyethylene wrap to protect against humidity.

Internal humidity control using a standard cartridge of silica gel beads (desiccant) for 50% maximum humidity.

Léon AGET SA uses the latest materials and products such as Tyvek, Nomex, Instapak. Our packers / technicians are known for their originality and skill for finding solutions to the most unusual problems.

Since 1995, although costly for us, we decided to set up a policy for the respect of the environment in compliance with the EEC directive No. 94/62/CE dated 20/12/94.

Depending on the size of artwork to be transported, we can provide our customers with FLYCASE bags.

Currently, we have more than 150 units of FLYCASE packing in stock.


Léon AGET SA – The «artwork» specialist totally dedicated to transportation.

We ship by Air, Sea, Rail and Road, around the world, door-to-door, nail-to-nail.

Artwork is accompanied to the place of exhibit: our qualified agents ensure transportation service with our own vehicles equipped with an alarm system, fire extinguishers, hoists and platform lifts to guarantee the most secure transportation.

Our global network of selected companies guarantees problem-free transportation and handling from / to all international destinations by air and / or sea.

Each vehicle has two drivers who are trained and experienced in packing, installing and customs formalities.

Concerned about the environment, since 1995 we have a policy for renewing our vehicles, changing every 4 years, thus benefiting from the latest EURO 4 techniques.

Courier services

Léon AGET SA – The «artwork» specialist for courier services.

– Courier service by customer’s own agents :

Our administration department plans and organizes courier services. This includes airline / train ticket delivery. Courier agents travel with artwork in their carry-on luggage and are escorted from / to their flight (*) or train seats.

(*) only for airports that permit this waiver of security regulations.

– Courier service by our agents :

If a courier agent is lacking, Léon AGET SA offers a courier service for artwork under the care of one of its own technicians.

We will take care of light vehicle transportation or accompanied baggage up to the receiving verification at destination, and if requested, we will supervise hanging.

Administrative service

Léon AGET SA – The «artwork» specialist for all formalities.


Léon AGET SA – The «artwork» specialist for all formalities.

Léon AGET SA assists and advises for all « Artwork » formalities.

Léon AGET SA is authorised to handle all customs and security procedures in airports, ports and train stations.

Private individuals, collectors, gallery owners, art dealers or non-residents… Léon AGET SA offers its skills and expertise to make it easier to comply with legal regulations for all operations:

Non-resident: studies tax exemption per total value,

Temporary admission / Temporary export for a gallery: we can guarantee the amount of the VAT on behalf of our customers for declarations,

Handles passport and export permit formalities

We will also handle document control and regularisation when returning to France.

Customs accreditation No.001265


Léon AGET SA – The «artwork» specialist for « nail-to-nail » solutions and all-risk insurance.

In partnership with major insurance companies that specialise in « special risks », we provide our services to help you find the best « nail-to-nail » solutions, as well as « security » against all risks related to your works of art.

In the event of damage, we can put you in contact with art restoration experts who can establish an estimate, perform first measures to save the work, or, according to your availability, we can handle these problems on your behalf.


Léon AGET SA – The «artwork» specialist for:

Setting up and removing art exhibits.

From simple paintings to the largest, heaviest sculptures, thanks to our skilled hoisting-hanging crew, we can install artwork in galleries and museums as well as in private homes.

We can even provide lighting solutions.

Our crews are mobile and can follow artwork on behalf of our customers everywhere in the world.

We also have a worldwide network of qualified agents, guaranteeing success for the most important events.

Planning and coordination of simple, itinerant exhibits.

We also handle logistics for art exhibits:

Budget planning,

Choice of transportation, adapted packing, storage,

Our software allows us to track artwork from the moment it leaves to the moment it returns.


Léon AGET SA – The «artwork» specialist for secure storage.

– Security

– Discretion

– Air-conditioned and temperature controlled locations

– Anti-intrusion alarms connected to guard stations, controlled access, closed loading and unloading area

– Constant humidity monitoring, maintained between 45-60 %

– All sizes of private storage rooms, private containers (8 to 12 m3), shared areas

– Anti-dust treated floors

– Storage areas are treated against insects using Pyrafog in ventilation system

Our safe, secure warehouse provides all storage solutions with appropriate storage equipment.

Our trucks are unloaded according to an approved security protocol, using adapted areas and maintenance methods.

Authorized personnel management for those who have access to storage areas.

«Storage» insurance is offered through us from our «Special Risk» insurance broker.


Tips for packing and transportation.

Before deciding on transporting a work of art, you should evaluate the risks. There may be several types, in particular:

– damage incurred during maintenance, handling, transportation

– deterioration due to atmospheric conditions (thermal shock, variations in humidity) and storage conditions.


Before packing, it is important to remove all hanging materials such as wires, pins, rings, hanging fixtures that might rub and damage layers of paint, or even tear the canvas or paper, scratch frames or break glass.

If they are difficult to remove, it is best to apply a piece of « paper » type masking tape, not regular office-type or other adhesive tape that are more permanent.

When transporting very fragile glass artwork, such as a lamp fixture, try to separate movable parts that might bump each other during handling and transportation.

In order to avoid damage when unpacking, packing should be simple.

When using bubble wrap, the bubbles should be turned away from the artwork. When Kraft or other paper is in direct contact with the artwork, the bubbles should be turned toward the artwork.

When cotton gloves (for paintings, drawings and photographs etc), or latex gloves (for sculptures, installations, such as bronze and marble) are not available, you should wash your hands well with Marseille (green) soap and dry them well before any handling.

If in doubt, always contact a professional transporter who, if he/she loves his/her profession, will never refuse to give some free expert advice.

Above all, do not risk an accident for the artwork or yourself when handling large or heavy formats or valuable works of art.


1/ define a safety perimeter for working by eliminating all bulky objects, electrical cords, etc…, and make a 1st practice run, without the artwork, while checking to see what might hinder or block manipulations and / or the passage.

This 1st run will enable you to:

determine packing space

visualise the operation

determine where it is possible to stop

brace doors and other openings

prepare for receiving objects (foam, blanket, cardboard wedges to avoidpinching fingers).

2/ wash hands and dry them well or wear appropriate gloves for the objects to be moved.

3/ always use both hands (cramping may occur) and if possible, work in pairs (even for lightweight objects), doors sometimes close themselves quickly…

4/ act calmly and logically

 5/ use means of transportation that is available and adapted to transfers

6/ bend your knees when lifting instead of bending over

7/ never underestimate the weight of objects

These recommendations are the basic principles of packing, handling and transporting artwork. They are not exhaustive.


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